Graphic Art

At the School of Arts in Ghent I studied Graphic Design, which sporadically included classes for graphic printing techniques. Despite really wanting to, I didn’t engage with graphics at all – apart from the mandatory assignments. In my very last year I finally decided to carve and print woodcuts for my Master’s project: a graphic novel, titled “Jasper”, made up of fifty-two small woodcuts. And since then I’ve gradually been diving deeper into graphic art..
Right after I graduated in 2018 I followed a graphic arts course at the Classical Academy in Groningen, where I learned the reduction woodcut technique. I produced a few small woodcuts from home since then, but my skills have really started improving since I joined the Graphic Studio in Alkmaar in 2020.
I’ve been asked to produce the Koppermaandagprent of 2022, which has officially been presented on the 27th of March 2022.
I have also been accepted by the Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory in Japan to participate in their artist in residence training program, where I will studied Japanese woodcarving and woodcut printing techniques.
I was meant to go in the spring of 2020, but it had been postponed until the late summer of 2022. Regardless of the delay it was a fantastic experience, and I learned heaps!